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Anniversary Exhibition of the First Republic was opened in Vilnius

21:32 | 23 May, 2018


In Vilnius, in the exhibition area of the State Archives of Lithuania, exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of establishment of the First Democratic Republic of Georgia, was opened today.   

The director general of the National Archives Teona Iashvili and the director of the Central State Archives of Lithuania Ramoius Krauelis opened the exposition. The event was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania, the Georgian Embassy in Lithuania, Historical and Recent History Archives of Lithuania, the Archives of Kaunas, etc.

The exhibition reflect the important events of the First Democratic Republic of Georgia in 1918-1921, as well as, the stages that Georgia went through in the beginning of the 20th century in order to establish democratic values. Documents showing the Georgian-Lithuanian relations in 1918-1921 are also presented.

The exposition demonstrates the main achievements of the Democratic Republic of Georgia:

Georgia declared independence on 26 May 1918, after 117 of not having independence. In the history of Georgia as a state it was the first republic state based on the European values. The newly formed republic had national symbols: flag, emblem and anthem.

In 1919 free, direct, general, proportionate elections of the Constituent Assembly were held in Georgia. More than 60 per cent of the population voted regardless their gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity and social class. Georgia was one of the first countries where women were given the right to vote passively, as well as actively. Furthermore, 5 women out of more than 20 candidates from different parties were elected as members of the Constituent Assembly.

The Constituent Assembly of Georgia accepted the constitution of the Democratic Republic of Georgia, which has progressive content, from today’s point of view.

A big part of the exhibition was dedicated to the Georgian-Lithuanian diplomatic relations established 100 years ago.

Documents and photo material reflecting work for public good by the Lithuanian Society of Caucasus in the beginning of the 20th century. Including: photos of the meeting of the Lithuanian people living in Caucasus, held in Tbilisi and the choir of the Lithuanians living in Tbilisi; work and private documents of the members of the Lithuanian Council in Caucasus – P. Dailides, P. Vilieshis, B. Sipavichiusis, A. Martsinkevichiusis.

The viewers will also be able to see the work of Georgian Government during the emigration time, the Paris Peace Conference and the League of Nations documentation of the relations between the Lithuanian Republic and Georgian Democratic Republic that demonstrates the support of the government the Lithuanian Republic towards the First Republic of Georgia.

The documents presented on the exhibition are preserved in the National Archives of Georgia, Central State Archives of Lithuania and Kaunasi Regional Archives.

The exhibition will continue till 5 June.



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