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“Repressions in Georgia" was opened today at the Exhibition Pavilion of the National Archives

18:28 | 24 October, 2017


Today the exhibition - "Repressions in Georgia" was opened in the exhibition pavilion of the National Archives of Georgia. Most of the exhibits have been presented to the public for the first time.

Deputy Minister of Justice Mikheil Sarjveladze, Director General of the National Archives Teona Iashvili, representatives of state and private organizations, historians and descents of the repressed people attended the opening of the exhibition.

80 years have passed since 1937 repressions. Photographs, written documents and memorial items on the exposition are presented to the viewers for the scale and content of repressions carried out in Georgia in the 1920s and 1930s.

Thousands of people were killed during the Soviet repressions in Georgia. In the process of preparation of the exhibition the National Archives contacted the families of repressed people. Unique documents and items were transferred to the archive, which became part of the exposition.

The exhibition reflects the history of Sandro Akhmeteli, Titsian Tabidze, Olgha Okujava, Evgeni Mikeladze, Ketevan Orakhelashvili, Nikoloz Mitsishvili, Mikheil Javakhishvili, Dimitri Shevardnadze, Vakhtang Kotetishvili, Vladimer Jikia, Shalva Tsintsadze, Shalva Kighuradze, Paolo Iashvili, Ambrosi Khelaia, Shalva Nutsubidze, Simon Mchedlidze, Kira Andronikashvili, son of Vazha Pshavela - Levan Razikashvili, son of Sergi Giorgadze – Davit Giorgadze, brother of Giorgi Leonidze – Levan Leonidze, daughter of Kalistrate Tsintsadz -  Nino Tsintsadze-Karalashvili, the members of the first Democratic Republic of the Government and the Constituent Assembly Of Georgia - Isidore Ramishvili, Grigol Giorgadze, Benia Chkhikvishvili, Christine Sharashidze, Elisabed Nakashidze-Bolkvadze, Anna Sologhashvili, Eleonora Ter-Farsegova-Makhviladze , Minadora Toroshelidze-Orjonikidze and many other histories.

The guests will see the last photo of Titsian Tabidze and his facsimile, the autograph of the poem of Galaktion Tabidze, which was dedicated to his shot friend and publisher of “Artist Flowers” – Petre Gvaramia (Tutku), marble sculpture of Vakhtang Kotetishvili, candle brought from the exile of Shalva Nutsubidze, Levan Leonidze, Nino Tsintsadze-Karalashvili, personal letters of Davit Gorgadze, junk icon of Virgin Mary and other items.

It should be noted that on October 25, 26 and 27 the National Archives Exhibition Pavilion will host an international conference "Archival Studies, Source Studies – Trends and Challenges", which will allow limited access to the exhibition these days.

Curators of the exhibition: Ketevan Asatiani, Giorgi Kakabadze.

The exhibition will last till November 30.

Attendance is free.


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