National Archives of Georgia

Exhibition dedicated to the Anniversary of the First Republic in Kazbegi


The exhibition about the First Democratic Republic of Georgia was opened today at the Public Service Hall of Kazbegi.

The exposition prepared by National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia includes written documents and photographs reflecting the history of 1918-1921.

100 years passed since establishing the First Republic of Georgia in 2018. The anniversary date is celebrated by the National Archives of Georgia with a number of events. Among them is the exhibition “The First Democratic Republic of Georgia”, which will be held in Public Service Halls during the year.

Various documents protected in the National Archives are reflecting the events, related to this short period of time of the Georgian history, such as: restoration of state independence and establishing government of independent Georgia; elections of supreme legislative body- Constituent Assembly, both female and male candidates took part in this elections and from 20 female candidates 5 were elected in the Constituent Assembly; Adopting the first constitution of Georgia and etc.

Exhibition in Kazbegi Public Service Hall will last for several weeks.

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