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Album of Noe Ramishvili and the Last Archive of the Leuville Estate

17:42 | 30 May, 2018


A presentation of album of the first chairman of the First Republic of Georgia Noe Ramishvili was held at the National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. The event, opened by the Minister of Justice, was attended by the rector of Tbilisi State University, members of the executive and legislative bodies of the government, accredited diplomatic corps in Georgia and academic society.

Grandson of Noe Ramishvili – Michel Ramishvili and son of Mamia Berishvili – Thierry Berishvili were also attending the event. They played a big role in the preparation process of the album. Other representatives of the Leuville Georgian diaspora and descendants of Noe Zhordania were also attending.

The release of the album of Noe Ramishvili is a result of collaboration between the National Archives and Tbilisi State University. The album includes material that used to be known only to the academic society and the antiques’ lovers. A part of it is preserved in the central historical archive of the National Archives, another – in the Mamia and Kristiane Berisvili and Michel Ramishvili collections of the Tbilisi State University library, the National Library of the Georgian Parliament and Shalva Amiranashvili Art Museum. 

The publication allows the reader to view photos, documents, orders given away while working on different posts and draft laws of the first chairman, the Ministers of Internal Affairs and Public Education, also Noe Ramishvili; along with his speech texts at the sessions of the National Council, Parliament, the Constituent Assembly, the government and the party.

After the book’s presentation another presentation was held on the latest archive of the Leuville land.

The mentioned archive was brought to Georgia a few weeks ago. Its return to Georgia is symbolically connected with the 100th anniversary of the First Republic. The agreement on bringing the Leuville archive to Georgia is a result of the successful negotiations between the Minister of Justice of Georgia Tea Tsulukiani and the descendants of Noe Ramishvili. After inspection and processing by the specialists of the National Archives, the archival collection will be accessible for any person interested.


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