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Medea Japaridze – 90

14:42 | 14 November, 2013


Screening and the exhibition, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Medea Japaridze was held today at the film hall of the National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.

Teona Iashvili, general director of the National Archives, Lasha Tabukashvili, the son of the actress, family members, colleagues of Medea Japaridze and the invited guests were attending the screening.
The fragments from the films with the participation of Medea Japaridze, transferred to the archive by the family of the actress were shown; as well as the documents from the film documents preserved at the National Archives of Georgia.

Photo materials from the filming locations of those feature films, with the participation of Medea Japaridze are preserved at the Central Audio-Visual and Film Archive. Here are also the portraits of the actress, photos of her theatrical roles and biographical photos.

Besides the screening, photo exposition was held. Photos from the feature films: “The Girl from the Other Side”, “Lights of Kolkheti”, “Keto and Kote”, “Song of Eteri”, “Last Summer”, “Autumn Sun”, etc. were presented. Inspectors can see the scenes from the performances: “Rome and Juliet”, “Richard III”, “Giorgi Saakadze”, “His Star”, etc., also the biographical photos.  

Special edition was prepared for the arrangement that contains the materials chosen for the exposition.


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