National Archives of Georgia


Posters, preserved in the National Archives, have been exhibited at the Georgian Film Festival in London

18:13 | 2 May, 2018


At the fifth Georgian film Festival “Georgia 100 – A Film Fest Feast“, which was opened on May 1, in the capital city of Great Britain, London, a collection of movie posters was exhibited, which is preserved in the National Archives of Ministry of Justice of Georgia.

The organizers of the festival, dedicated to the First Republic of Georgia, are: Georgian National Movie Centre and organizations „Life Though Cinema“ and „British-Georgian Society“.

Throughout the festival modern Georgian movies and Georgian movie classics will be shown. Furthermore, on December 4, viewers will be able to see the film chronicles of the First Republic of Georgia, which is also preserved in the National Archives.

Georgian movie posters from the 30-80-ies are presented on the Georgian movie posters exhibition, which is held in partnership with the National Archives. English-Georgian publications are planned to be released during the festival, in which reproductions of posters will be printed.


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