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National Archives of Georgia Published a Diary of Maro Tarkhnishvili

16:04 | 30 November, 2017


The National Archives of Georgia published the diary of Maro Tarkhnishvili which is a second volume of the publication of the National Archives of Georgia - "Memories, Diaries, Records”.

The memories of the first Georgian bandleader woman covers the years of 1909-1968. Accordingly, the author recounts about three different epochs – Russian Empire, First Democratic Republic of Georgia and Soviet Georgia.

“Unfortunately, I started writing memories at the age of 50. Elisabed Cherkezishvili recommended – you have a good voice, you will sing a long time and whatever you will experience during the work, write it down and save it” – writes Maro Tarkhnishvili in the Memoires, which is preserved in the National Archives of Georgia.

The author recalls the concerts, festivals and ceremonial events held in different cities of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia and Ukraine. In her memoirs you will meet Meliton Balanchivadze, Zakaria Paliashvili, Kote Potskhverashvili, Veriko Anjapharidze, Shalva Dadiani, Nato Vachnadze, Elisabeth Cherkezishvili and other famous people.


Maro Tarkhnishvili writes the memories with a particular caution. The reader might rarely meet such phrases as: “finally, I wasn’t lucky because my husband – Dimitri Tarkhan-Mouravi died in 1924 and my progress went down”. As it is known, Dimitri Tarkhan-Mouravi was shot by the Soviet authorities for involvement in the 1924 riots.

The memoirs of Maro Tarkhnishvili are preserved in the Department of Literature and Art of the National Archives of Georgia. Nino Badashvili, a staff member of the National Archives, prepared the diary for publication.  



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