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Students’ Scientific-Research Project of the National Archives has Three Participants

17:28 | 29 December, 2017


Three students have been selected to participate in a students’ scientific-research project announced by the National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia: Giorgi Javakhishvili – a second year bachelor student in History of Humanitarian Faculty of Tbilisi State University, Konstantine Gogiberidze – Master student in Philology of Humanitarian Faculty of Tbilisi State University and Nikoloz Sephiashvili – a first year bachelor student in Economics of Business Faculty.

From January 15, 2018, within two months, students will be able to work on originals and electronic copies of archival materials about the First Republic of Georgia.

In 2018, 100 years will complete from the creation of the First Democratic Republic of Georgia. The Students’ Scientific-Research Project is one of the events that the National Archives plan to celebrate on this anniversary year.

The goal of the project is to encourage students who are interested in the history of the First Republic of Georgia and want to research this field in the future. Priority to the National Archives is to encourage young people to develop the skills needed for the researcher, to help them find the most valuable and necessary material - the archival source - to use in their works.

After completion of work, students' papers will be published in electronic or printed form.



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