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The National Archives Starts a New Scientific Research Project for Students

14:52 | 10 November, 2017


The National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia celebrates World Science Day with another scientific project. Within the framework of the 100th anniversary of the First Republic of Georgia the National Archives starts a Scientific Research Project for students on the theme of The First Republic of Georgia.

The project aims to develop skills of scientific research, master the ability for working with the archival documents and write a scientific article on the topic - First Republic of Georgia. Any student of Bachelor's and Master's level of higher education institutions accredited in Georgia can participate in the project.

After the project, the National Archives will award two winner students. The winners will present their work, published in electronic or printed form.

World Science Day for Peace and Development (10 November) was set up by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2001 and is celebrated annually. The National Archives of Georgia joint the celebration of this date for the last few years.

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