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Collection of the Director Merab Jaliashvili was added to the Fonds of the National Archives

11:28 | 25 March, 2016


The private archive of the television director Merab Jaliashvili was added to the fonds of the National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.

The film tapes and video records of the television films and television productions of the director, film scripts, posters, newspaper articles, letters and other documents was transferred to the National Archives by his son Dimitry Jaliashvili.

The collection consist the photo documents and the television films of 1950-1980s. Among the films shot by Merab Jalishvili are: the first television production “Bebrebi” (The old People), the first short feature film “Dedis Kheli” (Mother’s Hand), documentary “Mgheris Borjomis Nadzvi” (Borjomi’s Fir is Singing) (1961).  

The photo collection contains the scenes from the television productions; portraits of the television employees, as well as film directors, scriptwriters, camera operators, actors and other members of the creative group; visual material of different cultural events.

After the registration and processing according to the archival rules, the archive of Merab Jaliashvili will be accessible to any interested person.


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