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"Elections in Georgia" at the Exhibition Gallery of the National Archives

19:34 | 14 October, 2016


Minister of Justice of Georgia, Thea Tsulukiani opened the exhibition “Elections in Georgia” at the Exhibition Gallery of the National Archives of the Ministry of Justice.

“Elections in Georgia” depicts 100 years history of the democratic or single-party elections of our country held in different ages.

The history of elections in Georgia begins in 1919, when the citizens of the Independent Republic of Georgia voted for the Self-government institutions and legislative body – Constituent Assembly of Georgia. This multi-party election was the proof of democracy of the newly established Republic of Georgia. Earlier than many of the European countries in 1919 in Georgia women received not only the voting right, but were elected and five of them were among the members of the Constituent Assembly.

After the defeat of the Democratic Republic, since 1922, Soviet system of elections was established in Georgia. In the materials, depicting the elections of this period we can look through the establishment of the Soviet ideology in all circles governing the country. Year out only the names and surnames of the ones leading the communist ideology were changed in Soviet single-party elections.   

Elections of the Supreme Council of Georgia on October 28, 1990 appeared to be the turning point between the Soviet and democratic elections. This very election of the Soviet period was the only one where besides the Communist Party not one party was voting. Among them were: “Round Table – Independent Georgia”, “People’s Front”, “Democratic Georgia” and “Rustaveli Society”.

Photo materials and the written documents depicting all these processes are exhibited at the Exhibition Gallery of the National Archives from October 14.

The exhibition is free of charge.


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