National Archives of Georgia


Research Room

The research rooms of the Central Historical, Contemporary History and Audio-Visual Archives of the National Archives of Georgia work: Monday-Friday, 10.00 – 17.30. Every first Monday of each month is a sanitary day.

The citizen is admitted to work on documents on the basis of personnel statement. The employee of the scientific institution, conducting the planned job or instruction can present the official address from the institution. The surname, name, scientific degree and post, and the subject of research should be noted in the personnel statement or the official address.

The citizen receives permission to use the National Archival Fonds from the leadership of the Central Archive for a period of one year. After the period is exhausted or the subject of research is changed the citizen should present the new address.

To search for the materials at the National Archives, the citizen can use scientific-reference data of the archive – guide, description, thematic inventory, and catalogue.  The archival documents are delivered during 24 hours after the request, for a period of one month (the documents of a special value for a period of ten days).

Secret documents are delivered with the accordance of the legislation in force.

The researcher can order the copy of the interesting document.


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